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Making the Long 18th Century Last Longer
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Vizards, Jades, Fops, Honest Prentices and all who look upon this...

The Fop Till You Drop Community is designed for 18th century enthusiasts ranging from academics to reenactors to those who incorporate aspects of 18th c living into their lifestyle. Need to talk about Newgate Prison and your friends sigh? Want to discuss Terry Castle and are left all alone again? Do you need advice on how to construct that perfect wig? Want to show us your dueling pistols? Do three-cornered hats and white stockings make you feel frisky? Does no one in this day and age appreciate your fan flirting skills? Does Matthew Lewis drive you mad with excitement and does Casanova make you sigh?
Do you wish you belonged to the Hell-Fire Club?

If any of these are so, or if you just want to celebrate the long eighteenth century, come along--and if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to one of the gossips.

What Will Delight The Eye And Ear
For this community, we'll deal with the long eighteenth century, which began with the restoration of Charles II (1660s) and ended around the gothic novel and Jane Austen (early 19th century. With that in mind, there's plenty of fun to be had.
Examples of great things to share include:
*Sightings of 18th century style in the 21st century
*Book reviews (fiction, nonfiction or art--your choice)
*Discussions of topics including but not limited to development of fraternal societies in the eighteenth century, women novelists of the eighteenth century,consumer culture in the 18th century, reviews of lectures, music, ceremonial magick in the 18th century, orientalism and discussion of current texts with 18th century themes
*Favorite maxims or quotes from authors like La Rochefoucauld, Alexander Pope or others
*Announcements of conferences or lectures,classes, costuming tips, art exhibits, lectures, films, living history events or any event that an 18th century buff might enjoy
* Discussion on how the 18th century shaped today's culture and why, aspects of 18th century culture that can be enjoyed today
*Photos of 18th century sites, etchings, film clips, engravings (naughty engravings are and text are acceptable, but please put them behind an LJ cut), modern illustrations of 18th century texts,18th century design in modern fashion, 18th century visual aesthetics or other media (however, to protect our prentices, journeymen and masters from any unwanted trouble, put them behind an LJ cut--thank you.
*Material culture from today somehow related to the 18th century--got a great drinking chocolate, a fabulous costumer, t-shirts, jewels, a source for the perfect stockings, fabulous stays or antiques? Please do share.
*Graciousness, civility and kindness will always go far. Thank you.

What Will Prove Noxious
* No flame wars, please. Take it outside and deal with it at twenty paces. You are at a salon and please treat it as such.
* No works of fan fiction please; I am fine with discussing them as phenomena or even linking, but please no posting
* Not using the LJ-Cut for large graphics or media
* Rudeness, crassness or cruelty--none are welcome here.

All that being said, please be welcome. I'll ring for chocolate.
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